Madeline and Miró

Madeline and Miró



My sons names are…Husker, Jorge and Miro


My cultural background is…French on my Mothers side and German on my Fathers, I was lucky enough to be born in this beautiful country


I discovered photography…In my early twenties


I am most happiest when…I’m with my boys, enjoying simple pleasures



My favorite colour…Something subtle


My favorite snack…Before I had Jorge I never enjoyed blue cheese much, but following his birth it was all I craved. He loves it and I like to think he gave me the gift. It's a favourite pass time to enjoy a good blue with just him


My favorite song…Bob Dylan ‘Forever Young' always gets me, ‘Do you Realise' by the Flaming Lips brings back some good memories, anything by The Kinks, Neil Young, Marvin Gaye


My favorite body part…I love an infectious smile, but eyes always reel me in


 Juem X Madeleine 


I relax…When I’m in the moment


My favourite thing to do with my boys..Early morning cuddles before the chaos of the day has to be a special time for me. The boys are slow and soft and warm from sleep, so sweet


I need more…Sleep...


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