dixie, phoenix & rosie

dixie, phoenix & rosie



My friends call me… Dix, Wiggles, Xotchitl (my alter ego given to me from my spanish teacher long ago)


My cultural background is… Mother is Japanese and Dad french decent.


I started Arvo Café… because we wanted to create a community and longed for that neighborhood cafe (especially in Australia) where the baristas know your kids names.


I feel most at home when… when I'm with my little family.  We've yet to really create a "home" so as cliche as it sounds, we are home as long as we are together and we can find home on a subway as long as we are laughing together.  



I am most happy when… having good conversations with family and friends, eating great food, and wines.


My favorite colour… blue and yellow...bright colors make me happy


My favorite snack… Probably something japanese. Anything! 


My favorite song… Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


My favorite body part… I've always liked my feet...


I relax… between the sweet zombie hours of 9-12 am when everyone is asleep!



What people don’t know about me … People from my childhood know but I love theatre.  I grew up performing/ acting / going to watch theatre...starting to get back into it because I realize it's what I love.  I took Phoenix to his first musical last year, we rode a carriage all the way there because our uber didn't come.  I think that's our special memory we will always remember and talk about. 


My favorite thing to do with Phoenix and Rosie… Dance...on the floor or in the ocean. 

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