Ivana Martyn-Zynikow and Winston

Ivana Martyn-Zynikow and Winston

Photographer, Model, and Mother 



My friends call me… Ivi, Vani, Vans, Ivana, Banana, Pretties (that ones from Tim), Machinie

My cultural background is… Dutch Australian

I discovered photography… when I was really young, we traveled around the world a lot as a family and lived in many different countries, particularly across Asia. Growing up I would look through the photo albums taken by my father of our life and surroundings. I always loved this documentation and would emulate this on my own travels around the world as a teenager and young adult. I studied photography in high school using our old Nikon camera. Back then there was only film. I never thought about becoming a photographer. Even after 15 years in the fashion industry working as a model, the prospect of becoming a professional photographer never dawned on me. I was afraid of all the equipment and lights. But then it just happened. I bought myself a digital camera before I really knew how to use it and was off shooting first looks in Milan and Paris for SS16 collections. I love reportage photography, there’s so much feeling in the photos that tell a story. A moment in time. I’ve now been shooting full time for the last year and a half and absolutely love it!


I am happiest when… I look at Winnie (this is what Tim told me), I guess it’s pretty true. I’m most happy when in love and surrounded by the ones I love the most; and in the sunshine. The sun will always make me happy and smile. I’m a sun and water baby through and through.

Winston’s name inspiration came from…  A soft toy elephant that was given to me by an old friend for my 19th birthday. I thought it was an odd gift at the time for a young adult but grew to love him, i named him Winston. I told Tim and he loved the name. Winston was always Winnie from a little embryo. No idea what we would have named a girl.




My favorite colour… I like a lot and they are always changing but in a similar vain. Always muted tones of the original colour - eg mustard yellow, peachy pink, deep dark green, burgundy red, navy blue, sand, light powder grey blue (some people call this eggshell blue). But my real favourite, can it be a tone? - white and all its variations. The thing is I really only ever wear black. It’s not my favourite colour, but I choose everything in black! That is slowly starting to change now as a mother and I’m moving to lighter tones.

I’ve always been very attracted to red. bright red. It always catches my eye.

My favorite snack… icecream, cheese or wine 🍷


My favorite song… ohh god there’s so many, each for a different time or feeling. That’s too hard. I like all genres of music. If I were to name them all over the years, we’d be pages and pages down - might make for a good playlist actually.

My favorite body part…
probably used to be my stomach as it always managed to be toned and tanned without doing anything, but it doesn’t really look the same after having a child - still pretty special for what it’s been through and having now bounced back so quickly. I think I have nice hands and eyes.

I relax… in the mornings if I can. Otherwise it’s when I’m on holiday as there’s always something to do at home! Or on someone else couch watching a movie. I never seem to watch them at home - again, too much to always do.



Juem Self Portriat



What people don’t know about me... Everything, very very few people know the real Ivana. I’m a big big lover, I care a lot about people and those close to me. My heart is large.


My favorite thing Winston does… everything!!! His sad face makes me laugh and breaks my heart at the same time. It’s the perfect emoji. His little superhero pose with one arm punching the air and when he closes his mouth into a little ‘ooh’ and goes crossed eyes at the same time as looking surprised.




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